Personal information
Real Name

Farley S. Seward


Galena, Alaska

Military information
Service branch

US Amry

Primary MOS

Armored Vehicle Driver

Secondary MOS

Armor; Artillery; TRANSPORTATION; Vehicle Specialist; Arctic Special Operations Commander; Vehicular Repair




30mm Autocannon

Organizational information

GI Joe

The colder the climate, the hotter my Trigger finger!

Frostbite was born in Galena, AK, where summer is a myth and a crowd consists of two people standing on the same acre. He worked briefly as a lineman on the pipeline but found the job unchallenging despite the 40-below-zero temperatures and hazardous conditions. The Army promised to give him a challenge whenever he wanted one. Frostbite graduated transportation school/Fort Ustis and Armored school/Fort Knox. Qualified expert: M-16, M1911A1 Auto Pistol, M-2 .50 caliber MG, and M-60 7.62 mm MG. He's also quite proficient with a 30mm Autocannon.

"Frostbite has to be cool. The environment he works in is too unforgiving. If his Ice Dagger throws a piston, he's got to step out into weather that'll freeze a hex-wrench to bare skin in 5 seconds and carry through a repair job that would be taxing under ideal conditions. He can't afford to panic. Not if he wants to stay alive."


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Born in Galena, Alaska, Frostbite was used to cold temperatures. He worked briefly as a lineman on the Alaskan pipeline, but found it unchallenging despite to freezing temperatures and hazardous conditions. He found challenging work in the Army. Frostbite graduated from transportation school at Fort Ustis and armored school at Fort Knox. He also became a skilled mechanic. On the G.I. Joe team, he drove the Snow Cat arctic assault half-track. Among his missions for the team, Frostbite fought to free the small nation of Frusenland from Cobra when their Terror-Dromes there activated their paranoia waves and plunged the nation into chaos. Frostbite and the others were even affected by the paranoia waves for a time before shutting them down with help from Battle Force 2000. On another mission, Frostbite and a small team of Joes teamed up with the Soviets' Oktober Guard to destroy a Terror-Drome hidden beneath the ice near the border between Alaska and the U.S.S.R. The Joe team was disbanded in 1994, and he returned to the Army.

MUX History:

Frostbite was reinstated with the rest of the team when the Joe team was reformed. He was initially a Reserve member of the Joe Team. In 2011, Frostbite was called in and assigned to the strike force targeting the Decepticons' Antarctic weapons platform. In 2015, Frostbite drove an Ice Dagger and helped evacuate Greenshirts during a Cobra mass raid on G.I. Joe forces in Frusenland.

OOC Notes

The cold north teaches you to always keep your cool, whether you're facing a wall of ice or a wall of NEO-VIPERS.


Give me black coffee, scalding hot, thick enough to stand a spoon in, then get out of my way.


Available for application. Temped by Bzero.


Preferred Vehicles

  • Snow Cat (1985)
  • Tiger Cat (1988)
  • Rockslide (2002)
  • Snow Cat (2003)
  • Ice Sabre (2004 - 2006)
  • Ice Dagger (2009)


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