Frank is a long-term ally of the Junkions, and his junkyard was the de facto headquarters for the Junkions for many years. Even though recently most Earthbound Junkions have migrated to Autobot City, Longsight and a few others remain behind, assisting Frank with his business and acting as damage control after major Autobot/Decepticon battles.


As you enter the junkyard, you notice that the nice house you saw from the

entrance does indeed have a well kept yard. The yard is surounded by a white wooden fence, and you get the feeling that the owner of the junkyard also lives here. The junkyard itself doesn't actually begine until you walk though a high chain fence with barb wire on top. There is a row of very nice cars ranging from antiques to modern hotrod vehicles besides the house. The house has a large body shop/garage and there seems to be something always being worked on. There is a control panel attached to the house next to the porch...

The junkyard itself is very large and seems to be organized according to what

type of junk or part it is. There is a pile devoted to large appliances, another one devoted to car doors, and so on. You also notice that one of the piles, which consists of a more eclectic organization than the others, is very large compared to the others. You estimate that it is higher than the other piles by at least 15 feet, and is much much wider than any of them by far. Also, you notice that scattered on the ground seem to be toy action figures. Most of them have seen better days.

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