Flanker is a Micro Transformer jet.

Flanker's Cramp! The most deadly of Cybertronian diseases!

Flanker (フランカー Furankā) is a member of the Wing Team, and a sniveling little punk. He likes to snipe at the weak and use the strong for protection, all the while schmaltzing up to alternately Chain Gun or Supersonic to improve his standing. All the while, he's planning to take leadership of the team for himself, though it's likely if he ever did achieve that goal, he'd last as long as a petro-rabbit in a Sharkticon school.


Is this all there is?!!

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In 2016, Wing Team attempted to get off Cybertron with the help of Cryotek, but their efforts were thwarted by Scourge and Ratbat.




  • Flanker, like all of the six-team Micromasters, had no individual bio information whatsoever until his Micromaster release a decade after his original Operation Combination release.
  • On the MUX, Wing Team cannot (yet) merge to form Sixwing.

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