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AV-8 Harrier JumpJet



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1 - Warrior


Flame, Napalm Rockets

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"Burn, baby, burn!"

While one of the Standard Seeker Designs, Flamestrike is a slightly odd Seeker. While disliking Humans, he seems to only have contempt for those that get in his way. His main claim to fame is being a Cybertronian that uses exclusively fire-based weapons. Even his fists and feet have flames on them, when he punches or kicks another Cybertronian, the fire hits them as well. His weakness is cold... Extreme cold temperatures, those found in Deep Space, or in the form of a weapon attack tend to really cause him problems. He is utterly ruthless when it comes to fighting the Autobots, and shows no mercy, even if it is shown to him.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Flamestrike was one of the lower members of Starscream’s Seeker Group, when the Decepticons first came to Earth, and as a slightly anti-social one, he picked a form totally different from many others, a lesser known Jet. The Harrier appealed to him, because it is closer to a helicopter, than a jet, and while he still considered himself a Seeker, he felt like he was different in many, subtle ways than the rest of his group. He spent most of his time on Earth, in the background, just doing the jobs assigned to him, and never reaching for something he could not easily, and safely, gain. However, this has started to change. He is taking a few more risks, when it comes to reaching for Power (Not Political Power, he wants Energon!) While involved in many major battles with the Autobot, and Earth, Forces, he only recently decided to start instigating Combats, and going on mini-offensives of his own, before, he could be counted upon to defend the Decepticon base, or follow Starscream into Battle with the Autobots, but now, if he sees an Autobot he knows he should be able to take down, he goes for it… or if he sees an undefended source of Energy, he will take it.

MUX History:

Flamestrike was involved in the defense of both the Decepticon facilities during the attempt by Megatron to flood the world. In 2013, all Earth-assigned Seekers were brought to Cybertron to help defend Polyhex. In 2014, Flamestrike returned to Earth.

OOC Notes

Flamestrike hates, and fears, cold. He transforms into a desert-camo jet.




November 23 - Arctic Assault

The combined air and naval forces of GI Joe, Cobra, and the Autobots stage their assault on the Decepticons' Arctic heating apparatus.


December 8 - Antarctic Assault

The final showdown in Antarctica: the combined force of Joes, Cobras, and Autobots makes their strike on the Decepticon installation responsible for the melting of the southern icecaps.


Flamestrike is played by his creator, The-Baroness.

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