Faction: Decepticon

Species: Transformer

Function: Spy

Rank: 2 - Intelligence

Transcendence is the meaning of existence.

If there was a contest for the most unlikeliest Decepticon, Empyrean would win hands down. An artist in a former life, he is intuitive, individualistic and intellectual, with a critical, philosophical and active mind. Empyrean is quite a dualistic character - at times highly passionate, at other times detached and controlled; it seems there are two personalities trapped within him. Empyrean particularly enjoys discussing matters concerning the afterlife and the spiritual. Death holds no fear for Empyrean - he sees it as a release from the struggles of daily living which, if it comes, should be greeted with elation. A lover of freedom, he enjoys roaming far and wide on spontaneous journeys, often out of reach when required. He often riles his teammates with his forceful, direct manner and honest, sarcastic comments. Outwardly confident and untroubled, yet inwardly sensitive, he can be easily hurt by a careless remark. His critical thinking can be a liability at times, as Empyrean has to be completely convinced of the validity of just about everything. Empyrean is also prone to arguing with anyone, regardless of rank, and even when his point of view is incorrect. This critical mindset also contributes to his doubts about the Decepticons - joining out of idealism, he is now disillusioned with the cause. Uncomfortable with the idea of harming others, Empyrean will often watch a battle from the skies, attacking only when given no other option. Once involved, however, is a ruthless machine. In robot mode Empyrean carries an Acid Rifle, capable of corroding the toughest armor, while in plane mode, he can reach speeds of Mach 1, and has stealth capabilities.


Played by electrawoman prior to 2004.

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