Log Title: Emptiness



Characters: Sparkplug, Spike

Location: Autobot City

Date: November 10, 2016

Summary: Sparkplug and Spike stop and appreciate the new quiet of Autobot City.

As logged by Sparkplug - Thursday, November 10, 2016, 11:34 PM

Human Quarters - Residential Complex - Autobot City

It's been a kind of 'weird' few days for Spike. Yesterday, he had to explain to Megan why 'the bad man' got elected President. And now, Autobot City seems REALLY vacant. There are a few human stragglers here and there. Maybe a diplomat here. Maybe a couple who won a contest there. But the typical 'hustle and bustle' of a small city is noticeably vacant. The night's almost done. Spike takes a walk down what now seem like really, really wide corridors. Thinking he's pretty much the only one within earshot, he calls out "hello?"

"You can almost hear it echo again," Sparkplug says, stepping out of a doorway. "It reminds me of the early days of the Ark. What the Autobots would consider a broom closet was one of the biggest rooms I'd ever been in, never mind the bridge." He sighs, and grins. "As much as I'll miss having the Joes around, it'll be nice to have it just us and the Bots again. Feels like family." His hands shake as he walks slowly towards Spike, but on his face is a smile.

Spike flinches slightly and nods, finishing his one beer for the night. "Yeah..." he says contemplatively. He walks toward his dad. "I mean...they've been prepping this for almost two months. It's not like we didn't get a notice.'s just weird to have them ALL out." He gives a relieved sigh to Sparkplug. "Crosscut is away - so it looks like I'll be in the repair bay exclusively tomorrow, thankfully."

Spike says hopefully "I know the Joes and us have had some friction before, but I think this finally forged a pretty unified 'BotJoe' alliance."

Sparkplug nods with a smile, his face twitching slightly. "Yeah. I can remember when it was pretty acrimonious between our two camps -- I can't even remember why." He barks a rasping laugh. "Now, though, we know each other -- warts and all. I think both sides understand the other a little better, and we'll all have each other's backs. But now I'll be able to get a damned cup of coffee without wading through a crowd of 20-somethings yelling, 'WHOOAH!'" Sparkplug laughs again at his own joke.

Spike grins and says "I know they'll miss yah." He looks at his watch. It's almost 9 p.m. He yawns. "It's getting late. See you in the repair bay in a few hours?"

Sparkplug rasps, "I'll be there! Good night." Sparkplug smiles to himself, and goes to take a walk around Autobot City before bed.

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