TP Name: Dreadnok Deathrace TP


The d=Dreadnoks

Primary Characters: Dreadnoks, Zartan

Primary Factions: G.I. Joe, Dreadnoks, Cobra, other Humans, perhaps a couple of Autobots

Primary Location: USA

Year: With luck, 2017


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

OOC Notes

Zartan initiates a no-holds-barred coast-to-coast race, with extra points scored for civilians run over, cars run off the road, things blown up, etc. The entire TP, start to finish, should last a week at most (maybe Monday to Monday).

Day 1: New York – Mayhem begins. Dreadnoks start trashing the East Coast, heading west. Joes and maybe an Autobot or two respond and try to intervene; hi-jinx ensue.

Day 2, etc: Midwest. Different sets of Dreadnoks, same deal. Basically, the rest of the week is Dreadnok whack-a-mole. “We have Burn-Out and Buzzer in Newark!” “Now we’re getting reports of Gnawgahyde and Monkeywrench in Cleveland!” “We got them, but now Ripper and Road Pig have been spotted outside Davenport!”

Finale: Final showdown, West Coast. The remaining Dreadnoks, Zartan family, and maybe the Thunder Machine vs. a tired, annoyed group of G.I. Joes. Who will finish the race? What were the stakes? Stay tuned...

(Sadly, this idea's been floating around since 2009...)



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