Dreadnok Cycle


  1. Reinforced aluminum allow deflector shields
  2. 360 degree rotation gun seat
  3. Box-section transaxle support members
  4. "Super Slick" puncture-proof rear tires
  5. WAAM (Wide-Area Anti-Armor Missile) Laser-Guided Missile
  6. Liquid-Cooled DOHC 16-Valve engine
  7. Self-adjusting hydraulic clutch
  8. "Blazing" shock-dampened 106M recoilless rifle
  9. Layered=composite shell/poly-sac fuel cell
  10. Frame-mounted front fairing
  11. Air-Adjusted rebound dampened shocks
  12. "San Fran"-style chopped front fork
  13. Dual-disc anti-dive front brakes
  14. Aluminum alloy 16" front wheel
  15. V-rated 48-series puncture-proof front tire


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