Dr. Kwak
Dr. Kwak
Personal information
Real Name

Kwak Min Jeong







Military information
Service branch

Cobra R&D

Primary MOS


Secondary MOS



7 - R&D XO



Organizational information




DR. KWAK is a medical genius, and skilled neurologist. She conducts research and dispenses healing with the same warm, professional calm. She oversees the Medi-Viper Corps, often helping in the field during natural disasters. Not one for personal combat, she is usually armed with little more than a pistol sidearm and a set of surgical tools. Her agreeable nature and pleasant bedside manner have won her many friends within the Cobra organization, who respect both her abilities and her commitment. She keeps herself fit with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Kwak Min Jeong grew up with an interest in biology, but her restrictive parents would only allow her to study nutritional science, since it would allow her to be a "better caregiver" when she got older.

Once Kwak completed her undergraduate degree and could afford to support herself, she immediately began studying neuroscience, her initial interest, and bioinformatics. She got a job in a prestigious lab owned by the EE corporation, but became frustrated as her male co-workers both alienated her and took credit for her successes.

By the time Cobra came recruiting with a promise to advance her based on skill, not gender, she was ready to jump ship. As part of Cobra's Medi-Viper squad she became skilled in battlefield surgery and experimental medicine. As she rose through the ranks she became an expert in virology, and now heads Cobra's Research and Development labs, with her personal focus being the study of neuroscience. She also helps run a free clinic in Springfield, and often travels to help victims of natural disasters.

MUX History:

When the TP began, Kwak was running a free clinic in Springfield. When Artemis was injured in an attack on the Burpleson Air Force Base, Kwak saw to her injuries.

OOC Notes

Kwak is the good version of Typhoid.



Kwak was created and is played by BZero.

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