The Dominator Snow Tank is a G.I. Joe vehicle. It should not be confused with Destro's Dominator.
Dominator Snow Tank
Machine information
Machine type

Snow tank


Arctic assault

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Organizational information

The Dominator Snow Tank was first deployed by U.S. forces in late 1987 as part of Battle Force 2000. The six Battle Force 2000 vehicles could combine and form the Future Fortress. The US military ceased production of the Dominator in 1988.


  1. Ballistic deflection leading-edge armor
  2. "Sled" hydro-dynamically shaped forward body
  3. "Super Slick" silicon-coated support skis
  4. Nitrogen-compression shock absorber units
  5. "Twin Twror" dual-pivoting 7.62MM machine guns
  6. "Battle Dog" 152MM XM175 Gun/missile launcher
  7. Ballistic recall dampening unit


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