Secrets are only useful if they stay that way.

Discord is the proverbial outsider among the Autobots, and makes no attempt to disguise this fact, although he does his best to serve their cause to the best of his abilities. Discord uses his skills at stealth and prowling to their utmost potential when on a mission. In robot mode, Discord carries an audio-splitting sonic disruptor, and is capable of unleashing small electromagnetic pulses in an emergency. As a microcassette tape, he can intercept enemy transmissions, and jam them rather effectively as well. Built for stealth and infiltration, Discord is not one to stay in a fight for any longer than necessary to get his job done. Though he is rather good at what he does, his lack of closeness with the other Autobots often leaves him without backup when the chips are down.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Discord is a seldom-seen member of Blaster's tape corps.

OOC Notes

Discord has been inactive since February of 2009.



Discord was played by his creator, AnherT.

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