Destro's Dominator should not be confused with the 1987 Battle Force 2000 Dominator Snow Tank.
Destro's Dominator
Destro's Dominator
Machine information
Machine type



Multipurpose Assault


Air and Ground Assault

Weapon feature(s)

Multi-shot missile pod; Missiles

Military information
Service branch


Designated pilot / driver(s)

Destro; Any qualified

Organizational information

The Dominator is two vehicles in one. As a tank, it in itself is already a formidable weapon. If in case you are able to somehow disable its tank treads or run it into a corner, it will surprise you by a quick transformation into a gunship helicopter. It certainly brings new meaning to the words "who has the upper hand?"


Destro's Dominator was first deployed by MARS in 1990.

Destro's Dominator2002

2002 Dominator

In 2002 Destro deployed a new version of his Dominator. In 2015 he used his Dominator while rescuing the Baroness from a prison in Borovia.


Destro's Dominator should not be confused with the 1987 Battle Force 2000 Dominator Snow tank - a completely different vehicle.


In Brazil, Destro sold a stripped-down of the Dominator to the Brazilian army as part of his "Forca Destro" line. His export version of the Dominator was named "ATILA".

Where are the schematics for this?!

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