Faction: Autobot
Species: Transformer
Rank: 6/Very Rank

A warrior is only as good as his weapons.

A hyperactive, overheated sky jockey. Talks constantly. Patrols Autobot headquarter perimeters with lightning speed, searching for Decepticon infiltrators. Only stops long enough to refuel and check his weapons. Armed with automatic 35mm machine guns, air-to-air missiles, and a searing thermal cannon. Also equipped with mid-flight refueling capabilities and cloaking device that makes him invisible. Transforms to supersonic dragster, equipped with high-speed turbo boosters and electro-jammers that disrupt enemy circuitry. Third mode chopper equipped with metal-eating roto-blades.

Personal Information on Crossblades

Alias: Last On: Tue Oct 3 22:54:40 2000
Birthday: Dec 28, 1976
Altchars: Crossblades@everywhere, Omega@2K5

Info: Resident lunatic. Need I say more?

OOC Note

Crossblades was an admin and player. He is not (yet) an IC character.


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