The combat code is provided only to act as a guideline for the flow of combat situations. If the participants can trust themselves to act fairly then purely RPed combat is encouraged. However, in cases of uncertainty, or disagreement, the combat system acts as an impartial judge.


The code elements of a battle should always be your secondary concern. Always keep in mind what is realistic and IC for your character and the situation. Above all, the point is for everyone to have fun and enjoy the scene.
On that note, all players must read the news articles on combat rules and combat etiquette.


+attack compares your DEX to the other person's AGI to hit, with a slight adjustment for size. STR determines melee damage, and FRP determines ranged damage. END gives you hit points, and COU determines what percentage of your END damage you can take before you have to retreat.

News Combat Topics

Combat commands index
News Combat Rules -- The guidelines you have to follow.
News Combat Etiquette -- The guidelines you should follow.
News Combat Actions -- What counts as a turn?

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