Andes Mountains valley

Andes Mountains valley

In 2006, Cobra built a small base in a valley in the Andes Mountains in Colombia. The base is surrounded by a thick wall topped with razorwire, and is additionally guarded by sentries and tanks. It has been a fully functioning base for well over a year, with a modern airstrip, permanent troop housing, and even a parade deck, though this has seen infrequent use.

G.I. Joe learned the base's location when hunting for Mara, who had been taken prisoner by Cobra. In October of 2008 the Joes staged a covert infiltration of the base, as well as a smash-and-grab rescue when the infiltrators were discovered.

In February of 2009 Cobra lured the Joes into staging a full-scale invasion of the base. Once the Joes were in place, Cobra pulled out and destroyed the base, killing most of the Joes' support force.

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