This article is about the Decepticon melee warrior - for the G.I. Joe markswoman, see Coldshot.
The whole universe surrenders to the mind that is still. And a mind at absolute zero is absolutely still.

In spite of his youth, COLDSNAP has extensive knowledge on philosophy and the near-dead Cybertronian fighting style Crystalocution. His experience in using said knowledge is small, although one cannot say he does not practice. If anything can be said about him, it is his determination to succeed at being a warrior. Loyal to the death, he's been known to become explosively frustrated at his own failings, and self-berates himself severely when he fails in any way. Unlike many seekers, who prefer lasers and fire, he's been built with super-pressurized coolants, allowing him to fire Nitrogen-tipped bullets at his enemy - which heat up and explode once they penetrate armor. At his beck and call are an assortment of fluids and chemicals cold enough to make even Cybertronian metal brittle, and to protect him from fire. His alternate mode is a classic F15. A preferred method of attacking is to strike at his opponent's weakest physical points, and then follow up with a second vicious, direct attack to shatter the armor completely. His own armor is not reinforced like many have preferred to, to make him lighter and more flexible for his melee combat style.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:


F-15 mode

MUX History:

In 2013, Coldsnap was put in charge of Polyhex's reconstruction. That job was later given to Illarion.

OOC Notes



February 25 - Supplemental report from medicdroid

Corporal Coldsnap is confined to medical bay for one week as of today while irradiating. Cause: Particle Accelerator bomb causing an atomical breakdown releasing nonlethal but significant amounts of radiation. It is not deadly, nor contagious, although some interference with radio and vocal abilities is to be expected.



Coldsnap is played by horsetuna.

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