Cold Slither

"Cold Slither" was a song released by the Dreadnoks in an attempt to mind-control the nation's youth. The mind-control plot didn't work, but the single itself was an enduring hit. The Dreadnoks, however, didn't follow up on their budding music careers, and instead remain biker mercenaries.

Cobra Commander later caught flack from the more fiscally conservative faction of Cobra (namely Destro) who felt spending millions on a high-profile spectacle like a made-up rock band was about as worthless as carving your face in the moon while much cheaper tactics like bombings and hijackings were far more effective ways to spread global terror. 

Cold Slither: Music and Lyrics by Zartan and Cobra Commander

We're cold slither

You'll be joining us soon

A band of vipers

playing our tune

With an iron fist

and a reptitle hiss

we shall rule!

We're tired of words

We've heard it before

We're not gonna play the game no more

Don't tell us what's right

Don't tell us what's wrong

Too late to resist

Cause Cobra is strong

We're cold slither

Heavy metal machine

Through the eyes of a lizard

In you will dream

When the venom stings

A new order brings

our control

Cold Slither00:29

Cold Slither

Cold Slither

Links to the song can be found HERE!

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