Cobra-La is a hidden mountain retreat for escaped Cobra genetic experiments.

It is known locally as Kohbrala.[1]

Cobra-La biotechnology

  • Psychic Motivator: A chirping spider-like device used to literally program humans, modeled after Dr. Mindbender's Brainwave Scanner.
  • Spore Launcher: A missile-like device designed to launch a cylindrical, multistage rocket like device used to deploy "The Fungazoids" (See below)
  • Spore Rocket: A device launched by the Spore launcher. It is a multistage gas or air powered rocket which contains a payload of the fungazoids.
  • Fungazoids: These are spores created by Cobra-La designed to cause brain damage to such a degree that any human exposed to it would be returned to a very primitive animal-like level of intelligence. They are also mutagenic as well since a small quantity can turn a human into a large snake.
  • Path of Esteem: Stored in a large, flat, golden receptacle, The Path of Esteem serves the same role as a red carpet. When the golden chest is placed on the ground, a large number of red crab-like creatures exit, forming a red path for the esteemed to walk upon.
  • Hand Weapons: Cobra-La citizens, Pythona in particular, use several unnamed weapons, including a starfish-like creature which is thrown at targets and then constricts its tentacles. Another is a small, formless, green object that, when squeezed, emits some sort of knockout gas; a starfish-shaped shuriken; and a creature that looks to be four snakes joined in a cross shape at their center, which is immune or highly resistant to electricity and is capable of chewing through metals. Pythona also uses a clamshell that generated thin strips that wrapped around opponents. She can deploy trilobite-looking creatures that explode with enough force to wreck a vehicle. The Cobra-La royal guards are shown to use a large golden scimitar, which is highly curved on one edge, and serrated on another. Cobra-La also has a small, hand-held plant that emits a white mist which is capable of causing temporary blindness.
  • Carno Tree: These large Venus' flytrap-like plants grow around Cobra-La in various parts of the city, particularly around the entrance and the detention area. The trees use long green vines to ensnare would-be escapees or intruders.


Serpentra was a second attempt to capitalize on the partial success of Serpentor, but with more levels of control in place. She was made from the DNA of powerful warriors from the past and present, and programmed to be absolutely loyal to Dr. Mindbender, Cobra, and Cobra Commander -- in that order. However, the excessive levels of control programming proved too much to bear, and the super-warrior ran off to form her own community, free of influence from Cobra and the rest of the world. She called it Cobra-La, and she rules it alongside other escaped experiments of Cobra.


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