Attack Classes

BLOW - Physical impact. Punches, kicks. Also, compressed-air weapons.

EDGE - Blades, Spears. Sharp pointies.

ENRG - Energy. Lasers, Plasma, Beam-weapons.

BLST - Ballistics. High-velocity projectiles. Machine-guns. Gauss.

EXPL - Explosives. Rockets, Missiles, Grenades.

SON - Sonics. Destructive low/high frequency vibrations.

ELEC - Electric. Shocks, Lightning.

CHEM - Chemical. Acids, Bases, Catalysts. Typically corrosive.

EMR - Electromagnetic radiation. Magnetics, EM waves, radiation.

BLND - Blinding. Assaults against the eyes. Flashes, Photon weapons

FIRE - Fire. Napalm, Flamethrowers.

COLD - Freezing attacks. Liquid Nitrogen, Freeze-rays.

MNTL - Mental. Attacks that confuse or distort the target's perceptions.

MISC - Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Basic Attacks

These are some of the basic attacks that were given out time and time again until they became standard issue for many characters. They are already defined in the system and a good basis for all new characters to pick from.

 Name        Lvl   Type  Class           Name        Lvl   Type  Class         
 Punch        1     M    BLOW            Pistol       3     R    BLST
 Kick         2     M    BLOW            Fire         3     R    FIRE
 Roundhouse   3     M    BLOW            Laser        4     R    ERG           
 Bash         4     M    BLOW            Ballistic    5     R    BLST
 Ram          4     M    BLOW            Sonic_Blast  5     R    SON
 Knife        4     M    EDGE            Heavy_Laser  6     R    ENRG
 Slam         5     M    BLOW            Plasma       7     R    ENRG          
 Slice        5     M    EDGE            Rocket       7     R*   EXPL
 Smash        6     M    BLOW            Missile      8     R*   EXPL
 Slash        7     M    EDGE
 Stomp        8     M    BLOW            *fixed-damage ranged attacks

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