A city-state is an independent country whose territory consists of a city which is not administered as part of another local government.

Whereas the nation-states rely on a common heritage, be it linguistic, historical, economic, etc., the city-state relies on the common interest in the function of the urban center. The urban center and its activity supplies the livelihoods of all urbanites inhabiting the city-state.

City-States on Cybertron

City-states used to be popular on Cybertron. However, most have been wiped out, aside from Iacon and Polyhex.

Historical city-states

Contemporary city-states

Today there are only a handful of cities that exercise authority akin to a sub-regional state, and even fewer that are sovereign states in their own right. With the destruction of Polyhex, only Iacon remains as a proverbial shining city on the hill.

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