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Bishop is an Autobot.

I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords!

Bishop is a journalist trying to get the new Around Cybertron and ABN established as top names in Autobot news programming. He also serves as a mentor to up and coming younger journalists.


Wings Universe

The first broadcasts of Around Cybertron were bumpy ones, as Bishop and Spearhead dealt with recalcitrant technology. Around Cybertron #9

MUX History

Bishop escaped the destruction of the Baird Broadcasting Transmitter in 2017 and opened up a new broadcasting studio in Iacon, and started a new news commentary program, The Bishop Brief. He later helped defend Iacon against an assault by Trypticon.




Mar 10 - "Bishop Brief"

Bishop appears on a makeshift soundstage, with a rickety set of ‘furniture’ of a desk and two chairs made from crates pushed together and hastily welded in place by someone who clearly did not know how to weld very well. The light is diffused in an eerie halo of soft white light and dust. Against the back wall behind the ‘stage’ the words The Bishop Brief had been hastily spray painted in blue…so hastily in fact that some of the paint ran down the wall in tiny streams.

After a millisecond pause, Bishop says, “Hello, good evening, and thank you! And welcome to The Bishop Brief! It’s a working title…” There's an audible chuckle offstage. Undaunted, Bishop continues. “I’m Bishop…for those of you who had actually been watching Around Cybertronbut for those of you who haven’t, I’m the blue journalist who hides in your bushes and reads your mail when you’re not looking…or for my human viewers…I’m the genie from Aladdin.”

Offstage, there's a sour groan. “Really, Bishop?” Bishop shoots the cameramech a sour glance, and then continues.

“Well, some of you are probably aware that Cybertron is now more than half a billion kilometers closer to the red giant sun Citctus, and for the first time in memory Cybertronians can now enjoy the sunshine…so now when Megatron wants to threaten to throw an Autobot into the sun he can do it himself from the roof of Tarn. Or maybe just have a couple of his seekers do it for him…I hear his throwing arm isn’t so good these days though after his smack down with Optimus Prime. If only he’d had bigger hands he could have blocked Prime’s punches more effectively? I don’t know…”

“And now the big story for Cybertron is the new Golden Age in which…in addition to sunglasses now being a thing again…there is power coming into the planetary grid through solar collectors around the planet. It’s not enough to return every city to full power, but it’s enough for the Decepticons to turn on the lights long enough to see who it is that has a gun to their backs, whether it’s a lowly minion bucking for a promotion or just Starscream trying to take over but not really trying to take over…again. I guess it’s just the Deception way of protesting low wages and hostile work environment?”

Bishop continues, “But what a Golden Age for Cybertron really means is when all Cybertronians, whether Autobot, Decepticon, or independent, has a voice in the direction our planet is taking…and not just the one aimed at Citctus. I mean when all of Cybertron can share equally in the benefits and responsibilities of what lies ahead for our people.”

Bishop pauses and then leans forward to address the camera more intimately. “Which is why I’m extending an invitation to any Cybertronian or human, whatever their come onto this show…the Bishop Brief…(still a working title)…and tell viewers their own story from their own perspective. Or if they want to be interviewed via a remote uplink, that’s fine too…we fired our cleaning staff a week ago and look at the mess! But seriously…no threats…no faction pumping…just real stories from real people. Because that’s where the news is…it’s being made by all of you watching right now, every minute of every day. Don’t you deserve to be heard too?”

Bishop looked around, waiting a moment before simply saying, “Uh…and that’s our show for now. Goodnight! And good luck.”

March 21 - "Assault on Iacon"

Trypticon launches an assault on Iacon.

March 21 - "Epilogue: The Death of Zetar"

Bishop makes friends.

March 23 - "Bishop Brief #2"

Bishop sits at his desk in his makeshift studio, which has been updated recently with a two video screens mounted on the wall behind his desk, surrounded by an audience of empty makeshift chairs, appearing to be lost in thought at he stares down into his hands lying flat on his desk.

Spearhead hovered over his mark in front of the desk, Bishop in full frame. “Ahem?”

Bishop does not respond, and continues to stare at his hands on the empty desk.


He looks up. “Hmmm?”

Impatiently, “You’re on…like you have been for the last two minutes.”

Startled, Bishop turned to face the camerabot, rapidly shifting into his ‘pundit’ persona.

“Hello, good day, and good evening Cybertron! And welcome to the Bishop Brief! Today I’d like to talk first about the recent attack on Iacon when Trypticon broke through the meteor that fell outside of the city.”

Bishop presses a button on a remote in the palm of his hand, and a still image of the meteor in the center of the charred crater appears on the left screen. “Apparently Trypticon was unable to take a regular flight back to Cybertron because he didn’t want to pay the extra checked bag fee for all of his rage,” A photoshopped picture of Trypticon appears on the right screen of him standing at the Delta ticket counter arguing with a human ticket agent, “because it was too big for carry on.”

The picture on the left screen changes to one of Trypticon painted red and holding a pitcher of Kool-Aid while bursting through the meteor. “So, taking a cue from another comically oversized mascot,” the image on the right screen changes to one of the 1950’s movie version of Godzilla, which is clearly an actor in a rubber suit, awkwardly trying to knock down a scale model city of Tokyo, “Trypticon tried to destroy Iacon...but failed.” The image on the left transforms into a blooper photo of the same Godzilla having fallen on his back and splayed ridiculously across several smashed models.

“Actually folks, it wasn’t just physics that “tripped the con,” it was the efforts of a group of brave warriors who helped defend the city.” The image on the left of Godzilla on his back now has photoshopped images of Mothra, Rodan, Anguirus, Hedorah, and Biollante with the heads of Elita One, Dust Devil, Encore, Bumblebee, and Lodestone superimposed onto them respectively, all standing around the fallen Godzilla.

Bishop’s demeanor becomes more serious as both screens draw into black before displaying a picture of Zetar on the left screen and the red Autobot sigil on the right. As Spearhead zooms in for a close up, Bishop’s facial injuries are apparent; his nose is slightly askew and bandaged in silver medical tape, his forehead is slightly dented, and his right optic is slightly dimmed and cracked.

“But now I want to talk about one heroic Autobot who died defending both Iacon and his fellow Autobots. His name was Zetar…something this journalist learned…recently. Zetar was always willing to help a friend, so I’ve come to understand, and never shied away from danger. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.” Bishop pauses.

The screens both fade to black before the right screen displays a picture of Megatron and on the left a big red question mark.

“But what will Megatron do now that his “Ultimate Weapon of Revenge” is now in the hands of the Autobots? File a petition at city hall? Take up knitting? We here at Iacon are all waiting to find out. And that’s my show for tonight, folks! Good night and good luck!”

<The credits roll, but are very brief as only two names appear in succession, Bishop and Spearhead, and the date of March 23, 2017>


  • Bishop transforms into an "Expedition Coupe", though in his younger days he called it a "Quad-Exhaust, Turbo-Charged Hyper-Cruiser".[1]
  • Bishop is Rook's mentor. Feel free to groan at the pun.


In 2017, Bishop was taken over by DreadTread.


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