When creating an Original Character you have the ability to define new and unique attacks that suit his or her style and personality.

The three main parts of an attack are LEVEL, TYPE and CLASS.

  • LEVEL is the relative power of the attack ranging from 1 to 10.

Most of the character's attacks should fall between 1 and 6.

Attacks at level 7 and above have considerable power and are typically saved for a character's 'special' attacks.

The guidelines for attack levels are listed at 'NEWS LEVELS'

  • TYPE determines what stat is used when calculating the damage delt by the

attack. MELEE attacks are based on Strength. RANGED attacks are based on Firepower. There are also two special types that can be either melee or ranged: STUN and AREA. STUN attacks incapacitate their target for one turn. AREA attacks are able to hit multiple targets with one shot.

  • CLASS affects the damage caused by the attack, based on your target's

weaknesses or resistances. For a complete list of the different classes see 'NEWS CLASSES'

Ranged attacks come with the special built-in ability to vary their power levels. Typically when applying for ranged attacks, you only need to include the highest power level per weapon. That way, instead of needing Mini-Laser (2), Laser (4) and Laser-Rifle (6), you only need Laser-Rifle (6) which can be fired on low, medium or high.

You can also specify that a ranged attack is FIXED, such as a Rocket or Grenade, so it will only come with one attack level.

The last special property that can be set on an attack is the stat it damages. Almost all attacks cause damage to the Endurance stat, but special weapons like glue guns or flash-bombs can be set to damage Agility or Dexterity instead.

As a final note, you don't have to create all your own attacks when you create a new character. There are a number of 'Basic' attacks that are already defined to pick from.

You can see the list at 'NEWS BASIC ATTACKS'

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