The Arch-Ayr fuel dump is a location in the "Shattered Glass" universe.

Kolkular, Kaon: Cue The Smurfs theme.

Arch-Ayr is a fuel dump in Kaon currently under the control of the heroic Decepticons.


Shattered Glass

The Arch-Ayr fuel dump, protected by holograms during the early days of the war, has been closely guarded by the Decepticons. The Autobots planned to attack the fuel dump and take it over to provide fuel for their Ark. However, their attack, led by Jetfire and Emperor Prime himself, was thwarted by the combined efforts of Octane, Scourge, and Shockwave. The Autobots had to turn elsewhere for fuel, and were forced to launch their attack on Earth without enough energon cubes for a full-scale assault.


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