The Arashikage Clan is ninja clan based in Japan, although it has members all over the world. Its most famous members are Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes. The clan and its members have played a major part in the ongoing battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra.


The clan has many members, on the sides of both GI Joe and Cobra, and some are neutral in the conflict. A partial list follows.


Arashikage ninja Ashiko

  • Ashiko - Arashikage ninja and a professional motorcycle stunt rider
  • Budo - samurai combat instructor and new recruit to Arashikage
  • Dojo, trained by the Soft Master
  • Firefly, aka Faceless Master
  • Middle Master - The brother of the Soft and Hard Master, known as Nakunatta by Storm Shadow, or "to become nothing".
  • Nameless Master - Russian student of the Middle Master
  • Nunchuk, who studied under the Blind Master and Storm Shadow
  • Pale Peony - half-Russian former pupil of Storm Shadow's
  • Red Ninja - offshoot claiming to be the true clan
  • Snake-Eyes, AKA The Silent Master
  • Storm Shadow, AKA The Young Master
  • Jinx, a full member, one of the only two living members to share the clan name. Studied under the Hard Master, the Soft Master, The Blind Master, the Young Master and the Silent Master.
  • Shadow Strike - Another Storm Shadow's pupil, A Cobra infiltrated agent with the mission to "corrupt" the clan from within.
  • T'Gin-Zu - swordsman
  • T'Jbang - swordsman
  • Slice - renegade ninja from the Arashikage clan
  • Kamakura, who studied under Snake-Eyes
  • Tiger Claw - Taught by martial arts master Snake-Eye
  • William, Cobra Commander's son, who studied with Jinx and Storm Shadow
  • Hard Master
  • Soft Master
  • Blind Master
  • Obake-Obaason - The wife of the Hard Master.
  • Junko Akita - Storm Shadow's apprentice and lover.
  • Ophelia - Snake Eyes' pupil.


There are three here who wear the hexagram of our ninja clan on their right arms. They are the unbroken lines.

There are three here who do not wear the hexagram. They are the broken lines.

We six, together, complete the circle. All forces are in balance and harmony.

The Young Master, G.I. Joe #66


As a self-taught ninja, Bushido is not a member of the Arashikage clan. Likewise, although Night Fox has had ninja training, he is also not part of the Arashikage clan.

Budo is a samurai, not a ninja, a fact in which he took some pride. However, in 2016 Budo was accepted into the Arashikage clan, and traveled to San Francisco to take over the martial arts academy there.

Shattered Glass

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