Ar-Gent Silverfinger
  • Name: Ar-Gent Silverfinger
  • Faction: Evil_Inc
  • Species: Transformer
  • Function: Mech of wealth and taste
  • Division: Evil Command
  • Sub-Group: Masons
  • Type: OC
Do have a seat while I tell you *all* about my plans...

In every way that James Bond was good, Ar-Gent Silverfinger is bad. He's the quintessential evil gentleman who's always plotting, but is always doomed to be stopped by the hero in the end. Calm, rational, and heaven forbid he ever break a sweat, Ar-Gent prefers to let his underlings do the work for him as he is the intellect behind them. His savvy businessman turned bad persona fits him so well, he'll more than likely buy your ancestral home with pennies right out from underneath you and you'll be thinking you got a good deal. He loves to talk too, especially if he has your undivided attention (your his prisoner). His business habits aren't enough to keep him entertained however, and wherever there is a plot to take over the world, you can expect him to be backing the intrepid ruler in an effort to make even more money (and maybe grab a piece of the pie himself!). There's no business like bad business, and his business is usually very bad... bad for you that is. Of course he's capable of transforming into his own personal getaway luxury jet, should things get to dicey.


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Ar-Gent Silverfinger was created and played by Anna.

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