G1 Blaster vs Soundwave

Blaster vs Soundwave by yorozubussan

The Transformer race has been scattered and obliterated, only a handful of each side left alive. And even now as their species die, even now they fight, because soon there will be that one tiny spark of hope, that one flickering flame of survival.



  • "Hero's End" - A sudden turn in a standard mission seals the fate of one of the first humans who met the Autobots - thousands of years before the events in the AU universe took place.
  • "The 3:30 AM Call" - Buster gets terrible news about his brother.

The End of the War

  • "Apocalypse World universe" - A text trailer for the TP
  • "Apocalypse World Intro: To My Last Breath" - There are three legendary sets of nemeses in the Great Cybertronian War. Megatron and Optimus Prime. Elita One and Shockwave. And then there is the third war. The war for information, for tactical superiority. The war of Blaster and Soundwave. In the final days of Cybertron, Blaster learns of a most precious, most surprising fact. Something that may yet save the Cybertronian Race. And yet he is not alone in this information. And the two will butt heads for the final time. Soundwave vs Blaster - Their Last Encounter

AU: Report

There was a report across the planet, of a forge in Cybertron that had produced a new protoform.

That prize brought forth both Blaster and Soundwave from their secure locations. Eager to claim the protoform for their cause.

The two fought, a million years of frustration and loss upon them. Blaster savagely took Soundwave's arm off.

The two, guns drawn, and on their last legs, opened fire on each other one last time.

Leaving the Decepticon face down, his body cold...

"AU: The Oracle and the Morose"

The most miserable mech meets the single key to saving the world...

Known Dead

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