COMMAND: @decompile[/dbref] <thing>[/attr] [=<newname>]
 Dumps the sequence of commands you would have to type to clone <thing>.
 This is handy for saving your objects in a text file in case the MUX dies
 a horrible death, or for moving your pride-and-joy creation from one MUX
 to another.  @decompile works on all object types.
 If you specify <newname>, then the commands emitted will set attributes,
 locks, and flags on an object named <newname> and will omit the command
 to create the object.
 If you specify <thing>/<attr>, <attr> accepts wildcards.
 If you specify the /dbref switch, you will get output using the dbref
 number instead of the object name.
 Related Topics: examine, look.

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