COMMAND: @clone[/<switches>] <object>[=<newname/cost>]
 Creates a almost exact duplicate of <object> that is owned by you and (for
 things and exits) puts it in your current location.  You may have the
 object put in your inventory (or your exitlist in the case of cloning
 exits) by using the /inventory switch.
 The modification and creation times will necessarily be different.  Also,
 depending on the parent lock and permissions, the possibility exists that
 the clone object will be left unparented.
 You may clone your own objects, plus VISUAL objects owned by others.
 The INHERIT and WIZARD bits of the (new) object are cleared when the object
 is cloned.  If <newname> is specified, it is used as the name instead of
 the original name.
 If you clone a linked exit, an attempt is made to link the clone to the
 same location.  Except when using the /inventory switch, you can only clone
 exits when you own your current location.
 If you clone a room with a drop-to, an attempt is made to link the drop-to
 to the same location.
 If the original object was owned by you, then the ACLONE attribute is run
 in the new attribute, otherwise the new object is set HALTED.  Exits and
 contents of cloned objects are not cloned, and LOCKED attributes are not
 The following switches are available:
    /cost       - Treat the argument after the = as the cost of the new
                  object, not the name.
    /inherit    - Don't reset the INHERIT bit on the new object.
    /inventory  - Create the new object in your inventory (or your exitlist,
                  in the case of cloning exits).
    /location   - Create the new object in your location (default).
    /parent     - Set the new object's parent to be the template object and
                  don't copy the attributes.
 Related Topics: @create, @decompile, @destroy, VISUAL.

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