COMMAND: @link <object>=#<number>/here/home
 When used on a player or a thing, this command sets the object's home
 to the indicated location.  The destination must be owned by you or be an
 ABODE room, and you must pass the destination's LinkLock.
 When used on a room, this command sets the room's drop-to, where objects
 dropped in the room go.  The destination must be a room that is either owned
 by you or is LINK_OK, and you must pass the destination's LinkLock.
 For exits, this command sets the destination if the exit is currently
 unlinked, you control the destination or it is set LINK_OK, and you pass the
 destination's LinkLock.  You can @link an unlinked exit regardless of who
 owns it or the lock set on it, you are made the owner if you successfully
 link to the destination.  Linking an exit costs 1 coin, and if the exit was
 owned by someone else, you also reimburse the former owner 1 coin
 (making the total cost to you 2 coins).

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