In 2018, Cybertron is going through a period of restoration. Civilians that fled the war eons ago are beginning to return, and cities are starting to flourish and thrive once more. Megatron has taken up residence in Helex (to the possible umbrage of the Triumverate), while Shockwave rebuilds Tarn and the Autobots expand outward from Iacon. The Dominicons are moving on the Neutral Territories; it is unknown if their intentions are to protect or rule. Rumors abound of the return of The Fallen, which may signal the end of Cybertron’s peaceful lull.

On Earth, Cobra controls most of the United States, leaving President MacLeod exiled to his Southern White House in Mar-a-Lago – where he is currently the target of a Cobra espionage operation. The Joes may have a virus that can stop the BATs patrolling the captured American cities – unless Cobra has found a way to stop it already. Cobra has targeted Russia next, assassinating Vladimir Putin and assaulting the Kremlin. Several countries have offered allegiance to the Decepticons in response to Megatron and Banshee’s carrot-and-stick approach, making life more complicated for Optimus Prime.

On Nebulos, the Autobots have contacted Gort and the Nebulan resistance, but their activities there have piqued the interest of the Hive, who have contacted the Decepticons for a meeting to discuss possible mutual interests. Grax has taken the lead on negotiations on behalf of the Hive.




John MacLeod

  • January 27 - "Dust Devil Defends Spike" - Dust Devil calls Crosscut out for not better supporting Spike Witwicky in Spike's duties as junior ambassador.


Feb 24 - Emergency Engex Drop

The citizens of the Neutral Territories, recently deprived of their engex thanks to a raid by the Decepticon Blitzkrieg, awoke to a surprise gift today. In the early hours, an unknown large aircraft, believed to be Encore, para-dropped two palettes loaded with kegs of engex.

A local on-scene reported the engex to be 'a little green, but good quality' and there were 'no issues that a month or two in a cold cellar won't fix'.

Feb 28 - Cobra Attacks President!

<A breaking news bulletin on television.>

"Greetings, America, anchor Chalk Mathers reporting. The MacLeod administration was in shock yesterday, when an Anheuser-Busch spokesman revealed himself as an agent of Cobra, attempting to bug the Presidential jewels themselves with a fraud - a wiretapped golf club. This most sacred of sports, golf, has kept the President alive, and now, Cobra seeks to take it away from us, President MacLeod, and the rest of the free world. When will you stop, Cobra? President MacLeod made the following statement at a press conference in Mar-a-Lago:"

"You know, I used to respect Cobra Commander, but now, I know he cheats at golf. And cheating at golf is a sign of a very, very bad sport. I love golf, but I hate pitch and putt. And Cobra Commander is a real lightweight."


  • March 1 - The Ark was attacked by a group of Decepticons led by Megatron. The Decepticons were driven back by Autobots commanded by Optimus Prime.



May 04 - RED ALERT: GI Joe base

Yesterday evening, over heard on the joe's radio band, Slipstream was called to General Hawks' office to discuss the pilots 'Request for funds to expand education' he had supposedly submitted.

While due to privacy laws, nobody knows what the request was about, Slipstream exited not long after looking terrifyingly cheerful.

A lot of people in the PITT are currently quite on edge and watching him suspiciously, and checking all toilets.

May 08 - Pirates

  • Overheard in a bar*

Guy 1: I heard some weird dude dressed as a pirate hit the G. I. Joes.

Guy 2: I heard the same dude hit Cobra and stole a Tiger Ray from them.

Guy 1: What'd Cobra do?

Guy 2: They've put a bounty on the guy's head.

10 May - "The Very Mysterious Mr Sterling"

A new guest at Rancho Corba Acres receives medical treatment.

May 16 - "Forgemates"

Elita One finally gets something off her processor.

May 17 - "Invasion of Valvolux"

The Decepticons launch an assault on Valvolux.

May 20 - "Surprise Audit"

Dr. Kwak is surprised by an unexpected audit of her medical center.

May 21 - "Raid on Valvolux"

Overlord launches a surprise attack on Valvolux.

May 22 - "Awkward Interview"

Mesocyclone interviews the charismatic (and foul-mouthed) Encore.

May 23 - "Pirate Plans"

Bloody Bones makes plans to seize and outfit a ship for his pirates.

May 23 - "At the Jiggle Hut"

Interrogator and Method share a drink.



Jul 06 - Interrogator Insane?

Heard around Cobra bases:

"Read that report Interrogator wrote? Who in their right mind would think they're fighting a ghost?"
"That's nothing, listen to this. Interrogator was put in a hospital room in DC. His girlfriend EXTREMELY loudly and angrily broke up with him for dragging her down with him."
"I heard that Interrogator and his gunners were in his hospital room, but somehow Dr. Alexander Johan Hamilton walked out in a plain Viper Infantryman uniform with Interrogator's gunners."

Jul 15 - Alien Livestream

Footage has become popular on social media accounts of the self-proclaimed Nebulan 'Poise' as she visits all around the Earth in some sort of hovercycle. She's green, short, and cute, so she's popular with a few age-ranges. Whether or not she's /really/ an alien is up for debate, it could just be a marketing gimmick for her channel. #NerdyNeb

The latest update involves Poise, on her way to Machu Picchu, meeting two Junkions on the plains of Peru, and an off-duty GI JOE member and his pack of sapient pouch rats. The Junkions construct a Llama-Robot which trended on Tweeter for a while, and then the sensors cut out when a rainbow pigment bomb goes off.

Jul 18 - A New Meme

A couple of pictures were posted on Instagram by a vacationer at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone on the internet, showing a large, messy, six legged vessel with a projecting 'head' of some kind behind the dead trees of the Red Forest. Immediately, photoshoppers started adding to the pictures. A popular version has a giant flyswatter hovering over the bug-like shape. Another has a caption: "Boy, the new Fallout looks amazing". Some versions color the bug shape in different colors to resemble a toddler's toy. It'll all blow over in a week or so.

Jul 19 - Overheard in Valvolux

"Holy Primus, did you see that dragon last night?"

"Nah, I was too busy staring at the giant combiner femme. That was a lot of lady! ... You think maybe I could get one of them Dominicons to go for a quiet dinner sometime?"

"Probably not with your face, but they're still in town if you wanna try."