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John MacLeod

President John MacLeod

Jan 23 - Inauguration

Joe Schmo appears outside of MacLeod Towers, backdropped by what appears to be the swearing in of the new President. "We are here outside of MacLeod towers where President John MacLeod has just been sworn in after giving his inaugural address. As we know, the inauguration had to be moved due to the attack on Washington. President MacLeod has completed his swearing in and wanted to make some additional comments as to the recent attack. We go live to the newly sworn in President now."

The camera pans to the President standing at a podium, "My fellow Americans. As I stated in my previous is the time for action, not empty words or promises. As you know, terrorists have attacked our nations capital. The great men and women of our military are holding them off but this just goes to show the failures of the previous administration. Terrible. Just terrible. An absolute disaster. I promise that as your President I am going to strengthen our military and intelligence assets to where things like this won't be able to happen. It's going to be big league. Absolutely HUGE. We will drive these terrorists out and we will wipe them off the face of this planet. God bless you and God Bless America!"
"Well folks, there you have it. Strong words from our new president. And now to the scores of the galactic cricket cup...."

January 25 - "DC Falls to Cobra"

Washington, DC falls into Cobra's hands.

January 26 - "Encounter with Jetfire and Snaptrap"

Cyclonus encounters Seacons and an Autobot at Silent Grill.


Major Bludd

Major Bludd


Mar 25 - Navy OTTERS?

Someone around the PIT has put magnetic signs over all the doors that formerly said Navy SEALS, and now it says Navy OTTERS, with an additional post-it that says 'sorry, budget cuts :('


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