For Shattered Glass universe events. They can remain on the main 2009 page as well.


President Colton

President Colton



  • November 8 - Deadline Visits Spike (Warning: LANGUAGE/Mature Situations) Deadline pays a house call to Spike Witwicky to confirm if there really is a transforming robot residing at the residence, and he gets a bit more than he bargained for.
SG-Spike Witwicky

The infamous Spike Witwicky


Unknown Date

  • Warrant issued for Spike Witwicky's arrest for reckless driving when two witnesses claim to have seen him and his brother driving a late-model Volkswagon Beetle into a crowd of elementary students.
  • Hyperdrive is deemed "unstable" by his XO Thunderclash and killed in the field. Thunderclash thought he would take over as leader of the Elita Guard, but instead Optimus Prime ordered Jetfire to take over the Guard.

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