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Coded and documented by Uplift



  • +division - Lists divisions
  • +division <#> - Lists division members by rank
  • +divcreate <name> - Creates a division
  • +divname <#>=<name> - Renames a division
  • +divadd <player>=<#> - Adds <player> to division <#>.
  • +divremove <player>=<#> - Removes player from division
  • +divmove <#>=<new #> - Swaps division numbers.
  • +divnote <#>=<flavor text> - Sets a note for division <#>
  • +divdestroy <#> - Destroys division.
  • +rank <player>=<#> - numeric only
  • +title <player>=<title> - Rank name


  • +div and +div <#>

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